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Hello! My name is Salima Omwenga aka The Traveling Table. I am the founder and CEO of ​UFlourish Consulting Firm where we help individuals just like YOU develop a profitable and impactful personal brand that will unlock new opportunities allowing you to truly live the life you desire.


Personal brands are not just for entrepreneurs! A personal brand is simply your gifts, talents, passions, skills, and experiences wrapped up, tied with a bow, and presented to the world. Some choose to leverage their personal brand into building a business of their own and others use it to stand out in the workforce! 


I am super passionate about helping you develop your brand and get hired or launch a business of your own!  Whether you are here for brand development, career coaching,  or a little life inspiration, I hope you feel at home. I am here to help you and inspire you in any way I can. 

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"Salima, from the very beginning of my collegiate career has been a helping and guiding hand. From helping me secure financial aid to just an overall mentor, I really appreciate her help. Everyone would be lucky to have Salima on their side when it comes to helping with navigating through college."

- Marco Lopez

"Salima did a tremendous job helping me with my college application process. She sat down with me and thoroughly explained and walked me through every step of the way. She is so sweet and patient. College application process, especially financial aid can be very confusing and frustrating to understand but with Salima’s help I was able to complete it without a headache. If it wasn’t for her I would have definitely been lost. She is great!"

- Lorenza Savegnago

"There doesn’t exist a moment where Salima hasn’t been able to resolve any snag or answer a question or concern that I have regarding college admissions, financial aid, financial clearance, FAFSA, and so forth. She’s practically my “one stop shop” when it comes to anything that isn’t my personal coursework! Salima has not let me down and I am very thankful for her generously and patiently sharing her extensive knowledge to help me!"

- Steffano Moretta

"When I got to my first year of college, it was super nerve wracking and considering I didn’t know anyone, it made me feel so uneasy. Salima was able to help me with all my paperwork and

thoroughly explained everything to me which helped make my transition into college smoother."

- Maya Asseka

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